23rd May, 2021

Theme - “Women’s rights are human rights! End fistula now!”

Obstetric Fistula remains a very menacing health condition women face in this part of the world. With the lack of improvement in healthcare standards, the statistics of occurrences keeps increasing.

Obstetric Fistula is still that unpopular & catastrophic medical condition you have probably never heard of. Also takes the position as one of the most serious and tragic childbirth injuries which happens when a tear occurs between the birth canal and vagina or rectum of a woman, resulting in persistent leakage of urine and faeces from the woman.

Here comes the reality of these women, they are often conditioned & subjected to various dilapidating effect on their body ranging from foul-smelling vaginal discharge to incessant discharge of urine and faeces and pain during sexual intercourse.  Most of these cases could be largely avoided.

All these birthed the observation of a day set aside as International Day to End fistula, a day to reignite the goal and increase the voices against obstetric fistula.

This year, as an organization, Bashir Fistula Foundation will be leading the forefront of raising a strong campaign on this significance with series of program and events. While we continue in our mandate of Advocacy, Sustainability and Rehabilitation.

International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 2021