Our Journey in the terrain of putting an end to Obstetric Fistula has exposed us to various cases of fistula patients, ranging from a woman that has been experiencing VVF for over 30 years to that of a 16-year-old teenager that had gone through every humiliating process of being given out to early marriage, experienced Fistula and being subjected to inhumane acts from the society and people that were supposed to protect her.

Some recurring factors come up in all these cases;

– Detrimental/Archaic Cultural Practices and Values

– Gender Inequality

– Bad Health Care System

– Lack of Education, amidst others.

Back to the subject matter which leads us to the brief story of Murja, a 29-year-old lady who had undergone 7 childbirth deliveries, from which only 2 were delivered successfully.

The 7th delivery was the most devasting which eventually led to Obstetric Fistula. Just like many of the cases we have seen, the aftermath mostly leads to the isolation, stigma, fear, depression amidst others. It didn’t take long before she was evicted out of her matrimonial home with 2 children, prior to which the post fistula effect has gone severe with her health. By the time a help call was placed across to us at Bashir Fistula Foundation, she was already under critical health condition.

Let’s take a pause there, Things could have been different for Murja if she grew up in saner climes of being busy acquiring degrees or paving some career path for herself, with accessible quality healthcare and most importantly a society that values/prioritize the growth and development of women.

Today, The International Day to End Obstetric Fistula shouldn’t just be a day of Hashtags but a day we all, as a society reaffirm our stand towards ensuring an environment that provides a better life for every woman in all ramifications: professionally, politically, healthcare-wise, growth and development. A wake-up call to us all.

Note: With the help of our donors and supporters, Bashir Fistula Foundation was able to support Murja, benefited in a surgical intervention done in collaboration with our partner hospital and she has since been a survivor.

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