Surgical Intervention

Sustainability Project for Obstetric Fistula Patients Hajiya Gambo Sawaba Hospital

What We Did

Bashir Fistula Foundation currently holds a partnership arrangement with Hajia Gambo Sawaba General Hospital, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria. The partnership involves a 3-months interval sustenance project, cable subscription and an open communication line for feedbacks and calls for help. As a result, on the 12th of November 2018, officials of the Obstetric Fistula Care Unit of the hospital reached out to our organization for help concerning an emergency surgery for some Obstetric Fistula Patients scheduled to take place the same week between 16th to 17th, November 2018. The urgency of the call for help was due to the imminent return of the visiting consultants from Holland and Nigeria, who intended to offer their skills of fistula repair to patients at no cost. Request for help solicited from our organization entails provision of the surgical consumables alone.

In response, Bashir Fistula Organization launched a swift fundraising campaign between 12th to 15th November to purchase and deliver the needed surgical consumables. The challenge however was to raise approximately #150,000 in two days. Other slight difficulties arose from getting accurate estimations of these surgical consumables, purchase and timely delivery.

Implementations of fundraising strategies were immediately put in place. We targeted our request note soliciting #1,500 Naira from 100 individuals in order to make it achievable for most people within a short period. Detailed graphics were also broadcasted on all social media platforms for fundraising. We also reached out to supporters (including friends and families of team members) of the foundation.

Purchase and timely delivery of the consumables took place on the 15th November 2018. Follow-up done revealed adequate utilization of the consumables, as well as 100% success. It was indeed a great privilege and opportunity for the foundation to be of help at such critical timing and appreciation goes to all those who participated in making the project a success